Divorce Attorney in Fresno, CA

With the goal of putting families’ needs first, The Law Office of Nancy J. Stegall, APC provides robust legal representation throughout divorce proceedings. Our services cover the issues of child support and alimony, as well as custody and property divisions. We have worked with families throughout the San Joaquin Valley since 1997, providing the guidance needed to dissolve marriages, including same-sex and registered domestic partners, with the least possible emotional impact on the family unit as a whole.

How to Prepare for Divorce

Divorce is a process. There are many steps and goal posts along the way. Often, clients feel best when they enter our office prepared for the proceedings that are to come. We recommend that you start by gathering financial documents to get a firm understanding of debt obligations and financial holdings, obtaining a copy of your credit report, speaking with our attorney about opening new accounts in your name only, and changing your will to void any benefits that can be procured from life insurance policies. The biggest fallout of divorce is most often financial. Clients who are prepared and organized are often able to tackle the proceedings with minimum impact. Our lawyer and support staff will work with you each step of the way to help you feel confident and secure in your decisions.

What to Expect

Each divorce is unique. The way it is approached will help to dictate the nature of the proceedings that follow. It is important to maintain amicability throughout the process if at all possible. This helps lawyers on both sides serve as better advocates and keeps the time in court brief. Remember that a divorce is often much bigger than the two married parties. Whole families merge during a marriage, so keeping the focus on family health and well-being is imperative.

The Law Office of Nancy J. Stegall, APC will help you move forward from your divorce with dignity and purpose. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.